6 Year Old Girl Ganglion Cyst Cured By G-Relief Caps

Hanah turned 6 years old in November of 2012. During the Christmas and New Year season of 2012 and 2013 Hanah showed me a large bump on her right hand. I recognized it to be some sort of cyst. I had made an appointment with a random MD at my local medical clinic. During the visit for my son, the MD noticed Hanah’s cyst. He recognized it to be a ganglion cyst and referred me to another MD that could surgically remove it.

I, being a person who prefers a more natural approach to healing over medical interventions, decided to take Hanah to our family chiropractic to get his advice. After some time went by, and I realized that his treatment was taking to long and the cyst was not going away

So then, I decided to do some researching on the internet to see what I could find out about ganglion cysts. That’s when I came upon your wonderful product. I had Dr. H view your website and ingredients of your product. He told me the ingredients would be safe for my daughter to take. He recommended that we take your extra strength formula and to take one pill every night as recommended on your bottles. I then ordered your product and followed his instructions.

We received the G-Relief pills on August 1, 2013. I had her start taking the G-Relief along with her Standard Process supplements that very night. She continued to take G-Relief and the supplements every single night until the cyst disappeared. Six weeks after taking your product as directed, Hanah’s cyst was completely gone. I had her continue to take your product an additional week to insure that the roots of the cyst were gone too. Her cyst has not returned. Hanah took your product for a total of 7 weeks, but we could not see or feel the cyst after six weeks.

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It is almost impossible to remove the ganglion wrist cyst or the ganglion knee cyst in its entirety externally (Surgery, or a Patch). It must be removed from the inside dissolving the roots at its nucleus so it will never return./h4>

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