Feeling Depressed. What Are You Eating?

The right diet may give the brain a lot more of what is needed to avoid depression, or even to Remedy it once it has begun.

Most medical practitioners don’t often ask this question.

Now there is an ever growing  awareness in our society of a health diet. Over the past 10 years the is research that shows a health diet of
fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, Fish can prevent Depression. While the reverse such as processed & refined increases the risks of disease and Depression.

Now recent studies show that a healthy diet may not only prevent depression, but could effectively treat it once it’s started in everyone, including children and teens.

What is surprising is this is not news. Since the 1970’s with the exercise crazy there was also an awareness of a good diet would help you achieve better health and that the reverse would have adverse effects on your health as well as mentally.  Is it only now that we are becoming aware of what can happen when we suppress what they really need with a substituted, like sweets and refined foods.