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  Ganglion Neck Cyst

“I am very excited to tell you that the ganglion cyst that I had on my neck is gone.”

Testimonials From Our Customers

Mrs. Topez, Attorney

“I am very excited to tell you that the cyst that I had on my neck is gone. When the doctor told me it was a ganglion cyst I was very frightened. I am a single mom living on a tight budget and I can’t afford to take time off work. The cyst was too thick to be aspirated and I read up a lot on surgery”.

I was told that there was a 40% chance of it coming back. I found your website and it made a lot of sense to me how the only way to remove the cyst without it coming back is from the inside  how the surgery can only take out the cyst but not the roots, which are much deeper inside  and how there can be complications. When I read that the founder of Release Free had had a ganglion cyst himself and had recovered from it without having to have surgery and without an ugly scar, and that it had not returned in over 25 years, I was very interested. This was the main reason why I ordered the pills right away – no other company had made that claim.

So I ordered 2 bottles of the extra strength 40 capsules (about 2.5 months supple). I felt a warm sensation throughout my body, including my neck. This was about 2 months ago. After 1 1/2 bottles it has completely gone. Thank you for helping me!
Sorry about the long email but I think people should know about this. Thanks again.”
Mrs Topez, New York, New York

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Testimonials From Our Customers