Beware, Aspiration may not dissolve the ROOTS (nucleus) of ganglion cysts.

Other than Surgery, Aspiration is one of the most accepted treatments for Ganglion or Baker’s cysts. The Ganglion or Baker’s cysts may recur after the aspiration process is done as much as 67%. If the cyst recurs, aspiration can be repeated. Having multiple aspirations may eventually help with the recurrence of the ganglia cyst. For more Info. (National Library of Med.)

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Even though the aspiration procedure is simple to preform it does not effectively remove the roots (nucleus) of the cyst, so the ganglion cyst may return (recur) after aspiration. In fact, the recurrence rate may be as high as 70 percent. If the cyst recurs, aspiration can be repeated. Having multiple aspirations may eventually result in no recurrence of the cyst.

Your doctor may recommend a steroid injection into the empty cyst after aspiration which is very painful. Combined with aspiration, steroid injections may reduce the recurrence rate of the cyst. However, the ganglion cyst may still recur and your doctor may recommend surgery to remove the cyst. (see surgery)  The roots (nucleus) may  be dissolved by the I.B.V.S system. (click Here)

Ganglion Bible Treatment

The “Bible Bump Treatment” is not one of the accepted treatments for the ganglion cyst or any other cyst.

G-Relief-Ganglion-Cyst Bible Smash review-80% recurrence rate INFO g-relief.comMany years ago, ganglion cysts were called Bible bumps or lumps because the standard method of treatment for such lumps usually involved having someone slam down on the ganglion cyst with heavy book, usually a Bible. Smashing a ganglion cyst will cause it to break apart or dissolve into your blood stream, but without addressing the roots (nucleus) cause of a ganglion cyst, it will usually return over time. This is true of Baker’s cyst, ganglion cyst or any cysts that are removed via aspiration or excision (surgery).

The best way to achieve extraction is to remove the ganglion cyst  from the inside, the nucleus. That is how G-Relief® Capsules work. It is designed to gently reinforce your metabolism and immune system, effectively dissolving  & removing ganglion cysts into your bloodstream at its very core. “According to our in house testing.”

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