The standard ganglion cyst treatment is to watch and wait, as about half of all ganglion wrist cysts will disappear over time. For the other half, ganglion cyst treatments involve aspiration or surgery. The most common being the ganglion cyst wrist surgery. About 80% of all ganglion cysts appear in the wrist area. According to the mayo clinic there is a 46% recurrence rate even with surgery. The reason for the 46% recurrence rate is that the ganglion cyst has a stalk or roots. It is virtually impossible to extract the roots in their entirety so like a weed it just grows right back. You must remove them from the inside.

“G-Relief” is an all-natural herbal remedy for ganglion cysts. This specially formulated capsule is taken orally once a day for one to three months, depending on the severity of the cyst. “G-Relief” gently & effectively removes your ganglion cyst wrist & knee cyst without the need for surgery. “G-Relief” 100% natural 0% recurrence rate.


It is almost impossible to remove the ganglion wrist cyst or the ganglion knee cyst in its entirety externally (Surgery, or a Patch). It must be removed from the inside dissolving the roots at its nucleus so it will never return.

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