I.B.V.S  Ganglion Cyst “Internal Blood Vascularization System”

I.B.V.S Represents years of hard work improving the medical science of removing ganglion cysts

 I.B.V.S Ganglion Cyst Healing  System

I.B.V.S system for G-Relief cure for ganglion cyst

The concept behind Internal Blood vascularization System™ (I.B.V.S©)  is very simple: Promote blood flow around the ganglion cyst and help the body heal itself . This is accomplished by gently and effectively removing  the nucleus (Roots) of the ganglion cyst into your bloodstream. After all, the human body is incredibly proficient at  healing itself and the most important factor in self-healing is to increase blood flow (I.B.V.S©).

The concept is simple: Increase blood flow and you will improve the healing  process of the ganglion cyst
For the medical industry, the answer to promoting blood flow was to apply heat to the surface of the body by applying an electrical operated hot packs, patches, ointments etc.
I.B.V.S© is an Effective and Safe Solution
For centuries curing ganglion or other cysts meant cutting (operation), sucking the ganglion cyst out with a syringe (aspiration), or smashing the ganglion cyst with a book (Bible cure). The Problem with these approaches is that they leave the nucleus (the roots) behind and like a weed; the ganglion cyst will keep growing back.

This could be one reason why there is a 48% recurrence rate with those methods.
You cannot cure the ganglion cyst or any cyst from the outside.
You need an effective solution. The I.B.V.S system to stimulate and promote blood flow from within.

When Lee established ReleaseFree Natural Health Products, he and his team considered how blood flow works in the body. He researched all treatment options and quickly realized there were NO Effective Solutions because they were all concentrating on the outer surface of the body. With further research, he realized blood flow must be promoted from within the body.

We have the answerInternal Blood Vascularization System or I.B.V.S for short.
If you have been diagnosed by a doctor with a ganglion cyst otherwise known as Ganglia, Basal Cyst, or Volar Ganglion Cyst then he probably explained that some ganglion cysts can disappear over time while others will require surgery or aspiration which are the prescribed methods of relief today.
However, the core of the ganglion cyst (nucleus) can be left behind even with surgery. This is because surgery or aspiration cannot eradicate the root of the ganglionic cyst (see surgery) and is often the reason for the ganglion cyst growing back.

I.B.V.S is the Natural Effective Solution
I.B.V.S removes the nucleus of the ganglion wrist and knee cyst from the inside alleviating the nucleus of the synovial tissue helping to ensure the ganglion cyst does not return.

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I.B.V.S Ganglion Cyst Natural Alternative to SURGERY G-Relief Caps

I.B.V.S ‘Flushing Effect’

One way to ensure total extraction is to dissolve and remove the ganglion cyst roots from inside. (The Nucleus) That is how G-Relief® works. It is formulated to gently reinforce your metabolism and immune system effectively healing and removing ganglion cysts at the core into your bloodstream.
As a result when using our G-Relief® extra strength product some people may feel a slight warming or flushing effect.
This flushing effect helps the body gently and effectively remove the ganglion cysts nucleus at its very core into your bloodstream.
When a flushing effect sensation is being felt the I.B.V.S© is at work removing the ganglion cyst at its very core. This essential feature makes G-Relief® a revolutionary cure for the ganglion cyst.

I.B.V.S Ganglion Cyst And G-Relief Caps

I.B.V.S® is an Effective Solution to heal and Remove Ganglion cysts.

I.B.V.S Ganglion Cyst Natural Alternative to SURGERY G-Relief Caps

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G-Relief Works

Age 6 Anna Parkers had a ganglion Wrist Cyst. Too young to operate. In just 6 weeks, it was gone.

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