Ganglion wrist & knee cysts (Baker’s Cyst) and other small cysts may develop in various parts of the body causing pain and discomfort. Anything growing inside the body that should not be there is of concern and the reaction is to just get it out of there. Sometimes we think that surgery is the only alternative, but often such aggressive removal can be detrimental to your health. It is important to be educated and empowered so as to make correct assessments and decisions of what you want to do without being swayed by fear. Especially fear from mainstream and conventional medicine and what they often espouse.

A ganglion wrist or knee cyst is a pouch or sac with a membrane around it and no real opening. It is usually filled with fluid or some kind of matter and can develop in an organ, body cavity, or joint. It can also be filled with hardened material. It is believed that some cysts can be caused by free radical calcium or an imbalance of minerals in the body. Fibrin can be another cause when it coagulates forming cysts or even tumors or other growths. There are therefore actually many reasons why cysts form.

The basis of ill health is internal imbalance and inflammation, so to get to the essence and heart of the problem we need to look at the body and what’s going on inside, and then also use herbs, supplements, to alleviate the imbalance. This is why “G-Relief” is the perfect alternative to the ganglion cyst wrist & ganglion knee cyst.


It is almost impossible to remove the ganglion wrist cyst or the ganglion knee cyst in its entirety externally (Surgery, or a Patch). It must be removed from the inside dissolving the roots at its nucleus so it will never return.

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