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Directions For Taking The G-Relief® Capsules

G-Relief<sup/>® Capsules. Alternative to ganglion cyst surgery. 100% Natural 0% Recurrance Rate INFO

Take ONE G-Relief® capsule EVERYDAY one half hour before bedtime. DO NOT Exceed the daily dosage.The G-Relief ganglion cyst treatment capsules are 100% natural but they were designed specifically to use the natural healing power of the body, your blood flow.

As seen the G-Relief® Capsules have a unique coating on the capsule so once ingested it will only dissolve in the stomach after approximately ½ hour. Most capsules dissolves after 15 minutes. This is so important because the ingredients are distributed much more efficiently throughout the body to strengthen your healing process (Blood Flow)

Once the body has reached its Healing Powers Peak it needs time to rest. It is this reaction to the peaking of the healing power and the resting which removes the ganglion cysts. Taking more than one G-Relief Capsule will impede the treatment process by not allowing the body its proper resting period. (Mayo-Clinic)


Benefits of Sleep and Rest


During sleep a body’s healing process is at its peak. The reason is that the body has time to absorb the nutrients from the blood. The main difference between G-Relief ganglion cyst treatment capsules and other remedies is that we enhance the healing process by increasing the bodies (Blood Flow) while the body rests.

This unique process I.B.V.S© system is how it happens. The body rests while the Healing process (Blood Flow) is increased. This is a most powerful and effective treatment method to relief the pain and remove the Ganglion Cyst or Baker’s Cyst.


Drink Plenty of Water

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Drink between a half to a full glass of water with the capsule so it enters the stomach immediately and dissolves. Doing so will help the contents enter the bloodstream efficiently and work towards removing the roots of the ganglion cyst.

Drinking plenty of water will aid the healing process of the increased Blood Flow. The water intermingles with the blood helping to disperse nutrients through out the body.

IMPORTANT: When taking Extra Strength G-Relief® capsules you may feel a warming sensation. This is a normal reaction to the G-Relief®  Extra Strength patent I.B.V.S© formula as it eliminates the roots of the ganglion cyst internally. The I.B.V.S© stimulates and promotes blood flow dissolving and removing ganglion cyst roots so they shouldn’t return. (Details)

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