When it comes to ganglion wrist cysts or ganglion knee cysts (Baker’s Cyst) and the pain they cause. There are some very important factors regarding cholesterol in the body and ganglion cyst formation in general.

Cystic fluid is largely inflammatory with high concentrations of proteins. Consistent with the inflammation usually present in cyst walls, cyst fluid may contain cholesterol, breakdown products of blood cells, exfoliated epithelial cells, and fibrin.
Within the cystic lumps there are often areas split up by fine clefts. These are left by cholesterol dissolved out during sectioning. The cholesterol is derived from breakdown of blood cells. Small clefts are enclosed by foreign body giant cells, and leaked out red cells and blood pigment are also involved. Clefts may also be seen extending into the cyst contents but are formed in the wall of the cyst.

Synovial effusions containing cholesterol crystals are what makes up 90% of ganglionic bumps (Cysts). Cases have been reported in patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis. In vitro studies, and animal studies have suggested that cholesterol crystals could have a role in inflammation of the joints. All this is essential to note, since the Ganglion Cyst Natural Treatment “G-Relief” has therapeutic benefits for refining the blood and the metabolize and importantly hypercholesterolemia, which can be playing an important role in the formation of cysts.


It is almost impossible to remove the ganglion wrist cyst or the ganglion knee cyst in its entirety externally (Surgery, or a Patch). It must be removed from the inside dissolving the roots at its nucleus so it will never return.

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