Wrist Brace Beware!

Beware of Ganglia Treatments That Don’t Work

Wrist Brace Beware:

is an ancient known remedy for sprains and bruises of soft tissue by impeding movement and this allows the injured area to rest. By immobilizing your movement to rest the injured part you are also impeding your blood flow and this is the exactly the opposite of what is needed to prevent or help ganglion cysts or any cysts for that matter to disappear or help with the pain.

The most commonly accepted cause of ganglion cysts is the (Herniation Hypothesis) which is most commonly caused by an injury, whereby they occur as “an out-pouching or distention of a weakened portion of a joint capsule or tendon sheath.” This is based on the observation that the cysts occur close to tendons and joints. The microscopic anatomy of the cyst resembles that of the ten synovial tissues. Ganglion cysts, like Baker’s cyst, contain a jelly-like substance (synovial fluid). Dye injected into the joint capsule frequently ends up in the cyst but dye injected into the cyst rarely enters the joint. This has been attributed to the formation of an effective “check valve” allowing fluid out of the joint, but not back in. (Please take special note. .) In our opinion this is the sole reason why and how ganglion cysts are formed.

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