G-Relief®(Ganglion Cyst Cure Capsules) was developed with a revolutionary patent formula called I.B.V.S© Internal Blood Vascularization Systemtm

I.B.V.S© promotes blood flow internally. The concept is simple: Improve the blood flow and you will improve the healing process. This is the only way to cure ganglion cysts. Through I.B.V.S© G-Relief® capsules remove and dissolve the nucleus of ganglion cysts from  inside the body ensuring it never returns.
With the G-Relief®  extra strength capsules you will feel a warming sensation or ‘flushing effect.’ This means I.B.V.S© is assisting your body by gently and effectively removing and dissolving the nucleus of the ganglion cyst into your bloodstream without affecting any surrounding nerves or tendons.
Beware: There are lots of gimmicks and ineffective solutions (they’re still out there), but they truly  Do Not Worked.