Everybody’s metabolism operates differently and there are no sit rules. What is for sure is that by taking the G-Relief® capsules you are a lot closer to removing & dissolving the ganglion cyst then not. Finally, although some people find this medication acts quickly, for most it takes time to dissolve the cyst. If you have had the cyst for years, face it – it’s just not going to go away overnight. For most people, two months is enough to see results. However, for hard-core cases (Over A year old.) it can take as long as several more months. So patience is the word here.

Because Release Free® provides a permanent cure for ganglion cysts, it can take longer to work than some of the other temporary solutions. Even with surgery, the cyst grows back in up to 48% of all cases. For best results, you should use G-Relief® ganglion cyst cure for several months and you will no longer experience recurring cysts.