Extra Strength G-Relief (40 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

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Extra Strength G-Relief (40 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

$43.99 DNA

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G-Relief® REMOVES the ROOTS of the ganglion cyst that surgery cannot.

  • Stop The Pain, Heal Quickly
  • No Surgery, No Pain Or Needles
  • All G-Relief Capsules Are FDA-Certified
  • 100% Natural With 0% Recurrence Rate
  • Feel The Patent I.B.V.S System Work Right Away (Details)


G-Relief® Extra Strength (40 Caps) $43.99


The product of choice among the people who suffer with ganglion cysts for a short time and took action right away.

This powerful revolutionary formula is meant for anyone suffering from a ganglion cyst for 6 months or longer.
IMPORTANT: In order to get the best results from the G-Relief Capsules make sure to take them every day.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm

1 review for Extra Strength G-Relief (40 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

  1. Miss Nadine (verified owner)

    Order #13910 details:
    Last July I had a minor fall and banged my right wrist. I was not able use my wrist properly for some time. After a week I developed and cyst on the outer part of the wrist. My doctor after testing it confirmed that it was a ganglion wrist cyst. He recommend to have it surgically removed.

    I immediately researched the net for about three days. I decided to wait because some of them just disappear on their own. No such luck. It got bigger and I hated how it looked, and it was quite painful. So I decide to buy those wrist braces and the mobility tape that is advertised on the internet as a remedy for injured wrist. They claimed that the brace stimulates the recovery of damaged tissue with your blood flow. I tried this for 3 months to no avail.

    I was disappointed, depressed and did not want surgery on my wrist. I was scared. I decided to search one more time before I gave up. I found your G-Relief Caps product and I must tell you it was heaven sent and not a moment too soon. I was impressed with all the information on you the g-relif.com website. I read all about your I.B.V.S Blood flow system. What really impressed me was that the only way to increase your body’s blood flow is from the inside not from the outside like others claim. That’s why it did not work.

    Well, I ordered your G-relief product and it took about 2 1/2 weeks until I received it. within one week I felt the pain start to fade away. That did not happen with the other treatment. Within one month it shrink by half. I will keep in touch to let you know when it is completely gone. Thanks for the natural ganglion cyst treatment.
    Thanks so much, Miss Nadine

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