Extra Strength G-Relief (60 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

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Extra Strength G-Relief (60 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

$64.99 DNA

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G-Relief® REMOVES the ROOTS of the ganglion cyst that surgery cannot.

  • Stop The Pain, Heal Quickly
  • No Surgery, No Pain Or Needles
  • All G-Relief Capsules Are FDA-Certified
  • 100% Natural With 0% Recurrence Rate
  • Feel The Patent I.B.V.S System Work Right Away (Details)


G-Relief® Extra Strength (60 Caps) $64.99


The product of choice among the people who suffer with recuring ganglion cysts and want to take action right away.

This powerful revolutionary formula is meant for anyone suffering from a ganglion cyst for 1 year or longer.
IMPORTANT: In order to get the best results from the G-Relief Capsules make sure to take them every day.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm

1 review for Extra Strength G-Relief (60 Caps) FDA-CERTIFIED

  1. Mr. James

    I bought this product for my mom after reading about ganglion cyst surgery. I didn’t want her to take the risk of developing scar tissue or in some cases even nerve damage and pain. On top of this, the ganglion cyst grows back in more than half the people that have the surgery. I wasn’t 100% sure these G-Relief Caps were going to work, but I thought that it was better than having my mother go through painful surgery. I am very happy to say that the G-Relief caps are working and my mothers wrist cyst is almost gone.

    I very thankful that there is a natural alternative to the ganglion cyst surgery that works in this case. There are alot of people claiming on their websites that there are others they have discovered. We have tried nearly all of them. Red clay, Green Tea Bags, Braces, Tape and Essential Oil. None of them worked. Thanks it was hard to believe in the G-Relief Caps but they work wonders. My mother thanks you very much.

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